you too can be brave

I am as ready as I ever will be. I actually feel I was ready back in my early 20s when I wanted to share my story. Now I actually have the opportunity to make change. And as one of my closest friends messaged me this morning from the UK, ‘it is people like you who make great changes.’ That is what I am taking with me tomorrow as I sit in front of the most powerful man in our State. I have prepared, thought, and invested so much of my time for this one meeting. I don’t believe I will walk out with a brick wall in front of my face. I have seen many of them before, along with the ‘too hard basket.’ Tomorrow I will walk out with that wall behind me, and I have no doubt it is going to be the most powerful experience and accomplishment I have ever encountered.


I am stronger than I truly realise.

If I can sit here, stand in front of you, and share my story, my heartache, my challenges, my courage, and my ability to heal and give to others; then you too should be brave. Open your ears, your guts, your hearts and allow children to share their voices. Imagine just how strong we would be as a community against pedophiles if we were all brave.

Be Brave. H


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