the letter to today’s anxiety

Dear Anxiety,

Well you are back and you are not going to leave easily this time. I can feel you pounding at my bloody door {chest}. Last night you ruined my beauty sleep. I am getting older, I need that sleep so I can keep this youthful look. If you hang around I am going to be a wrinkly uptight bitch. Although I always manage to get rid of you, and I don’t have it in me to be that bitch. Thankfully.


I even have to ask my littles for teamwork so they too can kick you in the butt, even though they have no idea why I am panting, and busting out random dance moves to dance you out. That is right, I turn up the music and dance to get rid of you. Well, I at least need to try and make light of a crap feeling. Plus if I keep moving, I will be a wrinkly old bitch that can dance. It stops me from snapping at my children. They have done nothing wrong, and just being little. They don’t need a mum that is riding a wave of awesome, to bitch. They need a mum that can dance without being suffocated by you.

Today has been Michael Jackson’s thriller. I am getting good at being a zombie, although you will never kill the beautiful person I am on the inside. I may need to hangout with you for the rest of my life, and in that case we need to get along to an extent. But first we need to get some rules in place.

  • stop messing with my sleep. I love my beauty sleep
  • when we dance, you need to leave for the day. It takes a lot for me to bust out these moves. Yesterday in the car, with my littles, was fun. We all had the thriller moves going. I have no doubt others were smiling and laughing at us. Me, well yes I was laughing and having fun as you squeezed the crap out of my chest. It is just time to leave when I dance and sing. {I cannot sing, that in itself should scare you away}.
  • I am an ace mum, nick off when I am trying to raise my littles. They don’t need a mum that goes from awesome, to bitch. Not cool.
  • when I run, I feel like I am dancing. It is just the feeling I get. Therefore, you are not welcome. Running is my thing, not yours. That also goes for when I am spinning on my bike or on my skateboard. I could break a bone if you mess with me as I try to skate. Not cool, when I am trying to uphold some cool mum cred for my littles.

And I can add rules whenever I like. Yes, I am that annoying person that plays your game, and adds rules whilst we are playing so I can win.

Winners are grinners. I paid way too much for these straight teeth to not smile. Now let’s dance.



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