the drag of the hobby business

Being part of the working class with Little Pinwheel means we need to roll with what we have. I never started the business to be a hobby, it was seen as that by many as I could still rock up to a cafe with my children at random times of the day, I was at every school pickup, able to come to every assembly, and be there in a heartbeat when my littles needed me. I see that as being pretty lucky. As the business has grown, so has my availability. I am still there for every school pickup, however I am not there for every assembly, and I work 9-5 just like a real job. I need to put the hours in as much as anyone else has to, and most of the time, I need to put in more hours. It is me that drives the whole ship. If I turn my head away, if I lose that mojo, it is only me that can get it back. I need to turn myself into the mean boss, and whip my butt back into focus.

My littles have it pretty good, they are able to hang with me at work every afternoon after school, and every school holidays. Having a new warehouse means, we have a home away from home too. I have tried to make our space workable for all to enjoy and to be serious in, because we are so serious.


My work ethic has changed. I was always a hard worker, mum drummed that into me with her running her own business. However now I have noticed, that if I have a day of slacking off, and feel like dancing around to triple J all morning, my afternoons are stressful, and it lays the mood for the rest of the week. Anxious mum isn’t cool. So now, I work harder in the mornings until it is time to pick up my children, and then it is time to be more hands on mum, with the business still in the forefront with us. We all work together on homework, Little Pinwheel commitments and having downtime. It is about moving the day around, so they too can be involved in the business. (I should never forget the lessons, and the knowledge they receive from me being here with me). And we can dance to triple J together all afternoon.


Sometimes, (more like never), being at work with mum is a drag.


Most of the time, it is downright awesome, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It is the way we roll.



Please note, no kids were harmed in having fun at work, and all homework, was completed before the fun began.

I have the best hobby.

take care, H x


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