strength in knowing who you are

After a wind trainer session you really need to evaluate what you are doing. It is repetitive, spinning around and around, and that’s not just your wheel, it’s also your head. As I get fitter, lean right down, I get more anxious of the real road ahead. It is time to get serious and plan this ride before my head spins away from me!


I am on a 7 week challenge with my sports nutritionist. I eat really well anyway and over the past couple of months I have shredded off the extra fatty meat. It is interesting as the way I have been eating has been very similar to what my sports nutritionist has put myself and 23 other athletes on. I just need to keep an eye on my protein levels, and carbs after training. I cannot see how I could fail this whole journey. There isn’t any failure in trying to conquer an event that is about personal challenge and helping children at risk of abuse along the way. If I help one person, I will be happy, and it will be a success. That one person can be just me.

My life has been pretty full on. Not your usual way of growing up that is for sure. Although, when I really think about what I have achieved after such a traumatic time in my life, I am so proud of myself. I could have gone down so many different paths. Instead I chose to be strong naturally, and in turn change lives in the process.

Soon my coach will have me knocking on her door. It is time for me to do this challenge, It is also time for me to plan on racing again in running. I know who I am without the running, and that was the hardest soul searching process I had to go through in life. Now I can run, race, and achieve so much more for me personally. To give back to others in the process is all I want. I don’t want to run for any selfish reason. I have survived, and running held my hand through the hardest years of my life. It saved me. Now I get to be me, and run because I love it.

Far out, I am one strong woman!




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