spring in for summer salt water sandals

With the smell of Spring in the air, and the hope that each magpie I run passed won’t swoop me, we start to look at our Summer wardrobes. {Am I the only one that is scared of a magpie? I was attacked as a child and I still have not gotten over the fact I had scratches all up my arm, and bleeding from the head – not cool}.


Recently I had a barbeque lunch organised, 16 sausages and rolls purchased for some hungry children and friends helping out with a casual photo shoot for the Salt Water Sandals, and some new summer threads. I like to think I was the chef on the tools, however my awesome friend Gabby owned it, whilst her husband took my little guy surfing. It was a photography session that made it feel like summer. It all ended with the children playing football, and soccer on the grass, along with some cheer leading moves and beer for the parents in the afternoon sun.



We love Salties.

Happy Spring. x


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