school holidays have begun, & we love them


Tick tock, tick tock, I hear the laughter of children. It is the start of school holidays for most states in Australia and I am personally excited. I love them! I adore having my littles here with me at the Little Pinwheel warehouse and getting involved in the orders and creating a whole different atmosphere in here.

We will cut early some days, and call it a work day at 3pm. I am planning on the circus, the movies, a lot of skateboarding, (which they are currently doing), and bush walking. I am also planning on Keely starting her Doll House renovation project. She has the sweetest dolls house and in the past year she has played with it less and less. I found an amazing Instagram account, through a friend, who said I needed to get onto her page and feel her inspiration from her incredible doll house transformations.

I actually haven’t asked Keely yet, and only asked if she would clean it to sell on ebay and she could share in the money that we would receive for it. Now I cannot wait to put this to her, and I have no doubt her face will light up. She also has acrobatics booked in for the holidays, and her brother has asked to just be with me. He is still feeling a bit lost without an adult with him in activities, unless he is familiar with his space and the people he is with. I completely get that! See how I go with getting him to get involved in his skateboarding more. I am hoping he might nail some tricks by the end of the holidays. I cannot get him off his board once he finishes school each day!



Are you excited? Do you love or hate the school holidays? And, can you share some fun activities you might be doing to keep your littles busy.

rock it, H


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