notify the bachelorette – beauty sleep

Do you have notifications set up on your phone? I have most taken off as it becomes quite annoying when you are out and about and your phone is telling you that someone has messaged you on facebook, that you have another instagram like, that you have a potential man that wants to get to know you. Well this morning I realised that I didn’t have one of my notifications taken off and I was in the middle of monday morning chaos with school mum head on. If you are a school mum, you know, don’t mess with that mum, especially on a Monday. My littles were lucky I went and bought fresh bread for their lunches and that Keely has decided that she is master chef when it comes to baking. Anyway, all of that aside, as this isn’t about my ability to parent, and how sometimes I just suck as a school mum. The phone went off telling me that some guy had the hots for me, and he wanted to chat.


You can only imagine the fact that I just couldn’t care less at that moment. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, let alone someone that I didn’t know. Especially when the reality of my beauty this morning wasn’t hot to the outsider. I was running around in sweaty cycle gear, looking after my asthmatic sick daughter, trying to help my little guy find his handball, putting the dishwasher on, programming the washing machine, and I am sure I was balancing a egg on my head at the same time. I don’t have time to be all hot and sexy and desirable. I am keeping this completely real. That egg wasn’t hard boiled either, I like them sunny side up.

And I am a morning person – but not today.

So if I feel like this…. how do they feel having the same in return. I know I am a good person, look presentable when I am not running around with an egg on my head and in sweaty bike gear. There is no judgement for anyone that ignores me if I messaged them at the wrong time. Even my friends don’t get back to me instantly. Most of them know that I will just ring or message when I have a Blease moment and I need to get shit off my chest. I don’t dump them as my friends because they were juggling their eggs, and hanging out their washing, or because they actually wanted a moment for the world to shut up so they could just breathe. We all have our lives and things to do.

This is another element of online dating. You need to accept that you are human and you have a life beyond swiping, and beyond messaging every Tom, Dick and Harry. And so do they! So don’t feel like you are that sweaty, unattractive woman balancing a soft egg on your head that will most probably break all over you. You are awesome, you are you, and when that time is right, he will catch that egg, and life will be full of the best sunny side up eggs ever.

I know I am dreaming, but I am looking for love and my love story might not be the same as yours. I am pretty happy to find that person that thinks this sweaty bike kit wearing chick that keeps it real is pretty damn awesome the way I am. The only notification I need is the bedtime notification that just popped up on my phone to say I need to go to bed so I can rock a run in the morning and get enough hours for me to actually look acceptable to get through a Tuesday.

Quite happy to not do juggling at the moment. I have said it before I can’t juggle A, B and C. Don’t need Tom, Dick and Harry added into the mix.



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