knowledge is power – making it the biggest conversation we will have

With the new year in full swing, there is no looking back now, only forward with my daughter’s pending birthday

be brave and open the doors

Recently I shared my story with an ABC News journalist, it not only went on the news, it went online and shared on

dear diary – I am one brave woman

We all have moments of self doubt, it makes us human and shows we have feelings. We can’t always be awesome,

the bachelorette’s attempt at quitting

Is it giving up? Last night I sat down over a glass of wine and wrote the below blog post. Ironically things happened

Taj wearing native shoes since 2012!

Little guy has been wearing native shoes since he was little, now being a big little guy, he is still rocking them. As

using fears to use my voice

We all know I am not scared to have a chat. Sometimes I do clam up though and close the doors to protect myself. I

notify the bachelorette – beauty sleep

Do you have notifications set up on your phone? I have most taken off as it becomes quite annoying when you are out and

the competition of being the bachelorette

I am a good person. But damn this online dating thing is making me feel like a bitch. This is why I don’t rate

the juggling bachelorette – I can’t juggle!

When it gets noisy, you are distracted by too many things at once. You have no idea who is saying what, what you are

my no trimmings bachelorette profile

It is all about looks and words. How you present yourself with your images and what you say, or don’t say. We