happy 7 years little pinwheel!


This year is a big one as today is also my mum’s birthday. Little Pinwheel launching on the day of my late mother’s birthday has made this business very special to me. I have no doubt she would be super proud of me! I am also proud of me. I had a tough winter last year, and I have turned it around to be a faded memory. Small business is tough, and when you are your own boss, it can be tougher. You have no one to push, or blame, or congratulate, but yourself. Unless, of yours you have staff.

Small business can also be awesome, all kinds of awesome!

I have my littles, and they have been the face of Little Pinwheel from the day it was born. I congratulate and pat them on the back a lot. They help me when it comes to new seasons, when I have late nights unpacking boxes, and early starts. Sometimes they are over photo shoots, and they still get in there and do them, knowing that this helps our business. They love Little Pinwheel, as much as I do! I also have a couple of close friends, who are more like family to me, and they step it up when I need a holiday or time out. I am grateful for them, and glad they keep the orders ticking over and the business running.


So today, I am celebrating big, and cannot wait to share pizza and cake with my littles to celebrate 2 very special birthdays.

Thank you to my mum, who always pushed me to be all I can be, and believed that I could be whatever I wanted to be. I never thought I would follow in her footsteps and have my own business to support my family, as she did for us.

Happy Birthday Little Pinwheel, and Mumso

H x


I really wanted to post this early today, however only just finished working up until australia post arrived. The support and orders have been amazing. If you don’t know, you can grab 25% off until Sunday 10th April, midnight AEST, {excludes rose gold saltwater sandals, plae shoes, and no laybys}. Enter code: LUCKY7 at the checkout. Thank you!


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