being brave, being me

A new space, a new home, with the same name and the same story. Nothing really changes when you get a new look, everything underneath, or on the inside, is still the same. You can rewrite your life, however you can never rewrite the story that got you here in the first place.

And here I am.


I am still being brave and doing everything I possibly can to help others to be brave too. Some of you may have jumped over from my last blog, or you may be new to the Be Brave story. So for those of you that do not know my story and why I am here doing what I am doing with Be Brave, I am going to share with you where my story started.

When I was 7 years old my father sexually assaulted me. I was his adoptive daughter, and apparently to him, it was not wrong. Every second weekend my mum would pack my bag and send me off to his house with my sister, (my brother lived with him). Until the age of 15 he took away my childhood innocence.

It tore me apart and little by little in my teenage years I would punish myself with vomiting up every bit of food I would put in my mouth. I would draw pictures and paint my story all the way through my school art classes. In the mornings, in the afternoons, and in my lunch breaks in year 11 and 12, I would run. It was never really far, usually around the 7km lake track. I would sometimes do this 3 times a day. This was not a punishment, this was my escape, and wow I thought I could fly.

My escape, my time to get stronger and stronger within my own head. Little did I know that today I would use this strength in my head, heart and running legs to help change the lives of others.

In the past few years I have accomplished a lot with education and awareness for children across NSW and across Australia. I have shared my story in the Royal Commission, I collaborated with Minti Clothing to produce the Be Brand name, I have run with ultra marathon runner, Pat Farmer, I have shared my story, my hopes and dreams with our Premier of NSW, and I have also had meetings within the Education Department. These meetings have had me sit with the policy writer for educating our children, I have had my voice heard on many occasions, and I strive for more meetings.

This year I have plans to use these legs on my bike in September, and to use my voice more, as I strive for a huge event in 2017 to take my story further around Australia, New Zealand and the United States. These are current working dreams, and I am one that loves to make my dreams reality. With every step I take as I run, I think of the accomplishments, I think of those that are still being abused, and I think of what more I can do. I am not fast, I have had my body fight back, and had a year off running, and took up cycling, although I am strong; head strong.

And sometimes that is all you need to take one more step forward.

Come along for the ride. It sure is one huge journey of one lady who was once a victim, once a survivor, and now who is being me.


be BRAVE, H x

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