yes yes yes….. parenting at its best

It is yes day today. It was yes day yesterday. It is just yes to everything. Ask me for that bag of treats, and you can have them. Would you like to watch television, and not do your homework… YES! Don’t ask anyone else the question, ask me. You should ask me today, or you should have yesterday. Who’s to say I won’t be back to NO tomorrow.



I am unwell, under the weather a little, not in my usual top form. When you are sick, doing it solo, (or not), you just have to do what works for you. And I know, mother of the year I am saying yes to them, but you come and do it for me then. I don’t think you can judge a woman that is sick and parenting the ‘easy way out.’ I had my littles fed well last night, and even had them in bed asleep by 7:15pm. (I am still slapping myself a high five over that one). They also did do homework after the television viewing, and we didn’t watch television over dinner. Not that it is a competition, because I don’t compete at all in life. I am not even racing with running at the moment. So why would I compete in being a better mother than you. I am not better than you. I am me, you are you, and we are both doing the raddest jobs ever. Even if I am saying yes today, and you are saying no. Just get them to ask me! I can help you. You can help me…. Someone help me!

What do you do when you are sick? Besides rock in the corner and try to hide in any cupboard you can fit in.

In all honesty, I make sure I get things done as quickly as possible. I had dinner prepped before I lost my mojo completely. It was just a matter of heating it back up again. I said yes to television in the proviso they did their homework later. We have basic routine in our home, always have. So when it goes pear shaped because I have lost my form, they seem to be able to pick up the slack where I cannot. Otherwise, they just roll with whatever they get. Tonight it is leftovers, because I knew it would be yes day again.

I am also meant to bake tonight for a cake stall tomorrow at school for my little guy. I won’t be baking. Sometimes you just fail….. I said NO to that.


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