wearing my mask

I hope that this isn’t bigger than what I am. I know I have the strength, even at times of weakness, it is still there. It is buried under all of the self doubt. I know I started something. Well, I guess he did. He paved the way that my life would turn out, and I just picked up the choices along the way. He shaped the person I have become. More fool him, he created more than that monster he is. He created someone that has so much drive, so much love to change all that he put into me, and others. I know he caused so much pain beyond the pain he put onto me. I can only hope those girls are ok today. I hope that they have some ounce of strength in them that keeps them living the life they deserve. And if they don’t, I hope that everything I am trying to achieve will give them that life.


I am no superhero. But I guess in a way I am to some. Batman trackies are just an item of clothing. The real superhero is buried inside of me. I made that decision to rock it, and I sure hope that this isn’t as big as it seems on paper.

I have escaped the comforts of a heater at home, the distractions to sit right here at work. {I know, who comes to work on their day off? It is usually business owners that do that, and of course people that need to not think about other things around them. It is time for focus. I have something huge to work on}.

I have had another meeting, and now I need to have my must haves, what I want to achieve, and the nice to haves. One can only try, right. This is way bigger than me. I know that, but not way bigger than what I know I can achieve. I need meeting notes early this coming week for the Premier. So here I sit, procrastinating! Or giving myself a pep talk.

Now to pretend I am wearing superhero pants, and these dork specs are a mask.

Be Brave. H


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