the lamb wears double denim


As I sit here in my double denim getup, I wonder when that magical age hits when it isn’t cool to be cool anymore. When does what I wear become mutton done up as lamb?

I remember my mum asking me on several occasions if she looked ok, and not too over the top. We are talking about a woman that had some serious style. She could pull off a polo shirt, some cool long shorts, (short longs), along with some sand shoes, and a scarf tied around her neck. She seriously had it going on. She was wearing Lee jeans before we knew they were cool. I loved helping her shop and getting her in some rad outfits. One was this chunky knitted cardigan, quite colourful and bold on top of a black base. She asked me if she looked to Granny like. My mum never looked Granny like and always looked awesome.


Now for me. I am honestly not too sure about this look I have going on. However I have had compliments, and I guess that is all we need to believe that we can do it. However, when are those compliments just a secret way of saying, ‘time to give it up.’

Maybe it is just my approaching 40 thing I have going on. I would however love to be that cool old mum that rocks some long silver hair. (Note, the use of silver and not grey). All these images are telling you is, I need to vacuum the floor, be careful that my shirt doesn’t show some mid-drift, actually grow some silvery grey hairs, and I should be doing a lot more with my time rather than setting up images to show that I am wearing way too much blue.


Happy weekend from this old bag!

Rock it, H


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