my no trimmings bachelorette profile

It is all about looks and words. How you present yourself with your images and what you say, or don’t say. We have become so judgemental with the other sex. It is something I am finding tough to digest with online dating. I know that in a pub you see body language, you see how a person talks to their friends, how they move around, how they interact with others. You get more of a feel for a person with your senses. And if you think they are a bit alright, you just go up and have a chat – and they answer you!

I thought it would be fun to share with you what I have put up as my profile, how I am trying to get that man to see all of my “pub” moves, with only seeing images and reading words – wow, I am really putting myself out there with this whole blog. Like I said in my first post, I feel naked most of the time with my life, and if this can help someone learn from my mistakes, then that is awesome. Here’s hoping I find love too – power of positive thinking!

Firstly there is only one of the apps I have my children photographs on and that is the happn app. The reasoning for that is this app is based on crossing paths with someone. I generally have my little people with me all the time, which means they would see me in the flesh with them. Plus I mention my little people on all apps.

Rad woman looking for nothing less than awesome. Someone that loves a love, adventure and outdoor activities. I enjoy running, cycling, the beach, hanging with my awesome friends, my business and being a mum to my 11 year old daughter, and 9 year old son.



I feel I make it clear I have children without having to show images of them, as this isn’t about my littles, it is about me finding love and of course it matters to them, and to me. It just doesn’t need to involve them now. I am upfront with the fact I am no couch potato and pretty much always out and about doing something. I am social, love my sports and I am looking for that awesome person and I am not settling. That is it in a nutshell. It says my age, no point in hiding that.

Now, what I see on men’s profiles cracks me up most of the time. Often, they don’t say much so you are trying to capture their lives through their images. Trying to work out if someone is active can be difficult as all they are doing is showing images of themselves drinking beer with their friends. Oh and I cannot tell you how many of them wear sunglasses in their photos. I want to see your eyes! A person’s eyes can tell you a lot about the soul. I read a profile last night that made me laugh. The funny thing is, it is not the first time, or is it the second time I have read the same line; “must have own teeth.” Am I missing something? Are there women out there getting false teeth, are there lots of women with teeth missing? Honestly I have seen this a good half a dozen times. I am thinking I should be showered in men, because I have all of my teeth, I actually smile, and A, B, C women must have no teeth at all. I knew looking after my teeth was important, I didn’t realise it could put me as a front runner on dating apps…..

Then enter the baggage.

Yes that word…..Baggage. We all have it, we have all lived a life and have pasts. If you don’t have something to show for it, I question you. And I am not talking children and marriage. For me it is just having a history of your life so far. There needs to be an element of a story about you. Why you have come to where you are today. Not all of us want children, or believe in marriage. However those that have children at my age, and have been married, are what I would class as pretty normal in the way we live our lives as humans. So yes, I have baggage apparently. But wow they are the best Louis Vuitton bags I have ever seen, and they are worth more than the originals. So stop writing, ‘no baggage’ on your profiles. We all carry bags of a past, even if it is bags full of the drugs you did as a kid, ( I didn’t do any – goodie two shoes), it could be the bags you carried across that amazing trip you did overseas, the fact you don’t talk to your family…. etc. We all have a past, just make sure it was well lived, and if not, live it awesome now. And if you are awesome, live it awesome with me, as that is what I am looking for!

Height seems to be a thing that women are looking for. Most men are stating how tall they are on their profiles. I guess for that really tall woman I understand you would like a man that is taller than you. Me, well I am average, and to be honest, I have never thought of height as being a deal breaker. It is not like I would have in the past spoken to a guy in the pub, thought he was a bit alright and then slapped him a high five and said, ‘sorry you are just a little too short for me.’ He may tick all those other boxes and aren’t they more important then if you are taller than him in your heels? Lucky for most guys I am a sneakers girl and those heels only come out if I am feeling it. So ladies, stop stating a guy needs to be taller than you are in your heels. He could actually be the guy.

I have no doubt I will tweak my profile from time to time. For now, I think this says it all in the snippet of word count you are allowed to have. The images will change as I will probably be hard on myself, have a cool image taken of me, and think that one image will change my online dating results. I just wish I could show them me around my friends, in the pub, laughing so hard I snort.


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