super proud being brave


I love the determined little shit I am. They were my mum’s words, so I apologise for the swear word. I am that person though, determined to make things happen, and follow my crazy dreams and thoughts. I love that I have turned a majority of them into reality, however crazy they have been. Last week I heard back from the Premier’s office. It is all positive news. Except for the 20 minute allocated time to talk to him.

I also love to turn negative things into a positive, so I have been analysing that 20 minutes and thinking about all the things you can achieve in 20 minutes. I can actually achieve quite a lot in everyday life with 20 minutes. Being all I have, I need to make the most of my pursuit to create more awareness through education. Therefore I am putting it out there for some help. I don’t like putting my hand up, so if you can offer the help I need, then please don’t be shy.

Receiving this meeting isn’t the first meeting I have received with Mike Baird, and I am sure it won’t be the last. I know that I have gotten as far as I have because I speak from the heart. {And I have really good things that can be done and should be done}. The last time I spoke to him, he wasn’t the Premier of NSW. I don’t think that really makes a difference. It is only a title. He is still the man he was when I met him a few years ago. The same man that has helped me have meetings with the Education Ministers office etc. The only thing that worries me about these 20 minutes, is my heart spilling over, and running over the time before I reach my objective. I need someone that is willing to give me some of their time to give me some big political words, or political advice. I know too well the red tape, and all the walls that are in the way, but understanding them, and using some of the correct wording might just make my 20 minutes the best 20 minutes of my life. Plus having the tools to knock those walls down would make this pursuit a whole lot easier.


I am also happy with words of encouragement! I have just under 2 months to prepare, and I have been preparing in my head for a while now. I just need to get it on paper and start working with the words I have. This morning I was offered a man’s introduction that has worked in politics. We haven’t met yet, and that is the start and encouragement I need. The main thing is, I need someone that isn’t going to burst my bubble. I have had it burst a lot, and I will put it straight out there right now, Child Sexual Assault is confronting, and it is awful. But until you understand, and are aware, it will always be confronting. Only wanting to work with people that pull it out from under the carpet.

Rock on… I did it again!

I have no doubt, no matter what happens, it will be a very positive 20 minutes! I love having this drive in me, and how I continually turn such an awful part of my life, into something that is helping others.

Be Brave, H



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