sharing the power

Processes are part of everyday life. Sometimes I am not that keen on the processes, although I am loving the feeling of processing what I have achieved this week. I am still on a high that feels incredible. It is up there with how I feel after I have returned from a long run. I am also still in shock, but ready to roll out with what is next.


In the meeting I felt really nervous, strong about my feelings, ideas and what was coming out of my mouth. I felt like I was mixing up words, although Mike Baird heard me, and he handed me an open platter of hope. He didn’t build any walls, didn’t close any doors. He more than opened doors, he gave me an open room. What happens next is blowing my mind. The little girl inside of me that endured years of sexual assault at the hands of her father is having her dream come true. That strong young girl, has grown into an even stronger woman that is going to truly bring so much hope and comfort to an incredible amount of children and their families.

I am feeling proud. My mum would be very proud of me too. When my children understand what I have done, they will learn some amazing life lessons, and see that you should never give up if you are passionate and feel so strongly about a cause.

All of those walls that I faced over the past 20 years, and look at them now. Even the ones that were built and I managed to climb over, have fallen down behind me. If another wall is built, I know I have enough people in power to just give me a boost over the other side. And power, as I have learned, is not people who are in power; power is the inner strength and courage a person has and how they use it, or share it.

Be Brave. H


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