our pocket money rules


The look says it all. I was eventually soaked with soap suds, we laughed and Taj was paid pocket money for his efforts.

We are not new to the pocket money game, and we have chopped and changed it up quite a lot over the years. Now it is based on making sure that they also understand regular routines that need to happen to have a household work. We don’t pay them to get out the door each day! However we used to. Now we feel they are old enough to understand this is just what we do to get out of the door for the day.


When they were younger we would do a weekly payment, usually around the 2-4 dollar mark. We had lists on the fridge with images that depicted what they needed to do. There was an outfit, a bowl and spoon, a bed, a toothbrush and a backpack. They had to tick them off each day, and by the end of the week, they would receive their pocket money.

Now they are understanding the value of money we have started bonus money. Each week they both get in and do one major chore each. Taj, 7 years, is on the dishwasher and Keely, 10 years, is on the garbage. It was the other way around, and they decided to swap it out. On top of this job they can earn bonus dollars. These come in the way of helping with the folding of the washing, or hanging it out. They both are involved in dinner at least a few times a week each. I love this part, as they learn how to make a lot more things than I would have learned when I was their age. They help set the table, make their beds each day, get themselves ready etc. Just the good old regular things that we need done to get out the door with little stress. This is part of their weekly money, however it is more hidden as they know they need to do these things to leave the house.

We have also started negative pocket money! This is the part where they can lose some money if they refuse to do a chore or help out. It could be as little as 30 cents. We all have a money jar each.

The big money is in car washing! This week they both earned good money looking after my car. Taj washed the outside, cleaned the windows and Keely vacuumed and cleaned the inside. Taj also did a photo shoot, and managed to earn himself an extra $10 this week. The car washing is $6, they can split it, and earn $3 each. When they do the inside too, it is $6 each for the whole car. They are both saving up for individual things and working on their bank accounts. Our jar will be used for a weekend away with the littles or we will take them to the movies. In the end we all win!


Do you do pocket money?


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