native shoes for everyone


We live in the best climate for the easy to wear, light weight native kicks. They slip on, and off, they can get wet, and flip off easily when you want to put your feet in the sand. We love them, and it is nice to have them for ladies/men’s sizing on little pinwheel, (which could also be for your bigger footed littles)!


Keely and I did a photo shoot early this week, and maybe had a little bit too much fun. It was only us two, so we had to do the good old tripod, timer trick with the camera. It is always fun to see what you come up with, especially when your phone rings and you need to take a call, and your daughter is left with the camera. She knows how to use it.


I love her!

Love yourself a pair of Native kicks at Little Pinwheel

Rock them, H



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