my art on skin


I have ink. There is no secret there, as it is something you notice when you meet me. Although sometimes people don’t see all the ink, as I have it placed on my body for me. It all tells a story of where I have been, and where I am going in life. I know they are not for everyone, and I am sure some people find them confronting. For me they are a beautiful reminder of who I am.

One of my tattoos is the end of a poem I wrote when I was being sexually assaulted by my father. I look at that poem now and wonder how on earth I knew one day I would be everything that last line said.

‘her wings open, she sings freedom’

I have a baby feather on my right hand. This baby feather symbolises the child that wanted to fly away from her living nightmare. The heart on my left hand symbolises the heart I wear on my sleeve, and how I lead with my heart throughout my life. {I am learning to listen to my gut a lot more}.


The anchors are about stability and finding my solid ground in life. I no longer run away in life, I am firmly where I am. The large anchor is something for my mum, and where I get my surname from. {I changed my name after the court case. I had a fresh start from my mum’s advice. I decided to take her father’s name, who she adored and passed away when she was 7 years old}. The poppy flower on the top of the anchor is for her side of the Blease family that fought in the war, the orchid is for my mum, as I feel these are one of the most beautiful flowers, and the rose in pink is to show me. I am far from a girl that wears pink, however the pink rose in the middle shows the rockstar within.

Pink is the colour of a rockstar.

The birds and feathers speak for themselves, as they are the freedom and the escape I wished for, dreamed off, and later received. {Maybe too long a blog post if I mention each one}! I have a tattoo on the left hand side of my ribs, and it says, ‘just be happy.’ This is in my mum’s writing. It is all she wanted for me in life, and what she said to me in tough times. Those simple words are words I wear close to my heart. I also have the words, ‘beautiful heart’ on my back, and they are a reminder to myself. I don’t ever want to forget the person I am, and when I am being hard on myself, they are there etched in my back.

The vintage flowers on the inside of my right arm are my life now. They are the true beauty of the love I feel. The two hearts on my shoulder blade are for my beautiful littles.



Yesterday I received another tattoo. This one is a fox. I like to think outside the square, and use my thoughts in different, and creative ways. {Sometimes it is not the best approach, but I haven’t had the best approach in my lives past. And I roll with the anxious, random person I can be when tackling things that could be so easy for you}. He is a reminder that I have the knowledge and wisdom to share with others, whilst still keeping the direction stable. He is where I want to be, sharing and making the difference.

I am not sure why I felt it was time to share my story in ink. It was just time for me.

be BRAVE, H x


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