Easter break with no work = good times


As we jump into mid week, I am still thinking about our 4 day weekend, and how much fun I had. I decided that the Easter break would be all about my littles, no work, just play.

We skateboarded, up and down, back and forth. Keely got some air, and we had some laughs. I was surprised that I came out of it with all bones intact. Taj thinks I am even cooler now that I can skate, especially on a pink board.


On Saturday we walked, and walked and walked. A picnic was packed in the backpacks, along with water, some good sticks were found, and we hiked for 13km. Those children of mine rocked it. There was only whinging at the end as we approached the 12km mark. Besides that, I am super proud of them, and how we achieved something on our day. {13km + little legs = radness}!


We saw lizards, lots of spiders, and a puddle full of tadpoles.

Easter Sunday was awesome. They were full of chocolate bunny ears before breakfast. We spent it at our friend’s house where we ate a smoked slow cooked lamb and veges. It was one rad day, along with the other rad days. It felt great going to bed, knowing we had another day to go! Plus I had inherited another child for the night. You cannot have 4 days off without a sleepover with your best friend.


Monday was very chilled, hanging out at the beach, more skateboarding, a photo shoot, and homemade pizzas for dinner.


I love family time!

How was your Easter?


rock it, H x



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