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the juggling bachelorette – I can’t juggle!

When it gets noisy, you are distracted by too many things at once. You have no idea who is saying what, what you are

my no trimmings bachelorette profile

It is all about looks and words. How you present yourself with your images and what you say, or don’t say. We

the bachelorette without the trimmings

My life is very much out there, always has been. I made that decision back when I decided to share my secret that I

yes yes yes….. parenting at its best

It is yes day today. It was yes day yesterday. It is just yes to everything. Ask me for that bag of treats, and you can

the letter to today’s anxiety

Dear Anxiety, You are not here at the moment. I am quite liking the fact you aren’t here. Not sure why I am

the letter to today’s anxiety

Dear Anxiety, Firstly, it isn’t about just today’s anxiety, this is getting really personal. You are

the letter to today’s anxiety

Dear Anxiety, Well you are back and you are not going to leave easily this time. I can feel you pounding at my bloody

the lamb wears double denim

As I sit here in my double denim getup, I wonder when that magical age hits when it isn’t cool to be cool

the letter to today’s anxiety

Dear Anxiety, I have just about had enough of you interfering with my life. Not only do you make me feel terrible in

our pocket money rules

The look says it all. I was eventually soaked with soap suds, we laughed and Taj was paid pocket money for his