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close your eyes to being brave

I have done it again. It is that stupid spiral I get myself in. Thinking I am not good enough for happiness and love.

be brave : it sometimes hurts to be me

The Be Brave ride took its toll on me emotionally. I am hurting inside. It was one of the most empowering things I have

finding the next piece to be braver

I was sitting down to take the time to write about the Be Brave day one ride, but I cannot concentrate enough to do it.

be brave and smile. you may make their day

I have a pretty big smile. It never used to be so big as I hated my teeth. It was my fault they were like they were.


I had these great plans of blogging everyday on the Be Brave ride, and instead I took the easier way of sharing through

be brave; please don’t silence me

We all need to debrief sometimes, and for me it can be hard to get across how I am feeling inside and why I am feeling

being BRAVE with The Fixed Wheel

Yesterday I couldn’t help myself. I was too excited to not share on other social media platforms before I took

being brave in the sunrise

Will the crash come? The early mornings can be tough. I sometimes hit snooze a few times, however I still get up. I see

Be Brave; don’t question yourself!

Have you ever thought what the fark am I doing? I think that quite often, but continue to do it and move forward. I try

I cannot hide; be brave and ride

How quickly my head can turn around from thinking I should be worried about cycling on the road, to feeling awesome on