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knowledge is power – making it the biggest conversation we will have

With the new year in full swing, there is no looking back now, only forward with my daughter’s pending birthday

be brave and open the doors

Recently I shared my story with an ABC News journalist, it not only went on the news, it went online and shared on

dear diary – I am one brave woman

We all have moments of self doubt, it makes us human and shows we have feelings. We can’t always be awesome,

using fears to use my voice

We all know I am not scared to have a chat. Sometimes I do clam up though and close the doors to protect myself. I

close your eyes to being brave

I have done it again. It is that stupid spiral I get myself in. Thinking I am not good enough for happiness and love.

be brave : it sometimes hurts to be me

The Be Brave ride took its toll on me emotionally. I am hurting inside. It was one of the most empowering things I have

finding the next piece to be braver

I was sitting down to take the time to write about the Be Brave day one ride, but I cannot concentrate enough to do it.

be brave and smile. you may make their day

I have a pretty big smile. It never used to be so big as I hated my teeth. It was my fault they were like they were.


I had these great plans of blogging everyday on the Be Brave ride, and instead I took the easier way of sharing through

be brave; please don’t silence me

We all need to debrief sometimes, and for me it can be hard to get across how I am feeling inside and why I am feeling