being BRAVE with The Fixed Wheel

Yesterday I couldn’t help myself. I was too excited to not share on other social media platforms before I took the time to come here and tell you my awesome news for the Be Brave cycle. Firstly I need to say, don’t ever feel in your life, that one person cannot make a difference. Yesterday I achieved just that, and I feel I have achieved that throughout this Be Brave journey. Even the moment I turned and told my art teacher I was being abused, I made a difference.


The Fixed Wheel in Manly took the time to sit with me to talk about the Be Brave ride, and why I was doing it. Whilst talking logistics, and what we needed, I told 4 men pieces of my story. I was composed, I was strong and I was me. You may have had to have been there to really feel the emotion from their faces, their responses and the way they stood there, and didn’t stop offering support. Yesterday I made 4 more people aware of child abuse. These 4 men are talking to other cyclists, friends, and colleagues, who will then also share my story, my press release and what I am doing. One voice, has turned into many more. I will now not be cycling alone. There are cycling clubs jumping on, because of these 4 men and who they know in the cycling community. I knew the last day, I would have cyclists bringing me into Canberra. I truly didn’t expect to have more people believing in what I am trying to achieve.

I will wear The Fixed Wheel kit,  which I already wear anyway, as they are my local shop and where I bought my bike from in the first place. They are my major sponsors, and the best supporters I could have ever asked for, or dreamed of having. I cannot thank them enough! As the weeks go on, I will share more of what they are doing and have done for me; for all of the children at risk of abuse. For now, I have my head looking forward and my bottom on my bike! A big weekend of cycling, and work commitments ahead.


I wanted to also take the time and tell you how I am feeling. I feel fit, which is great. (With just over 5 weeks to go). I am onto my nutrition a lot, and watching how I fuel my body. I have quite a bit of work pressures at the moment, and pressures with parenting and where my children will go for the week of the Be Brave ride. I would take them in a heartbeat, however to parent from a bike, will be quite difficult, and new! They understand what I am doing, and why I am doing it. Naturally they really want to be there with me, and I love that they want to support me. I have a few amazing friends stepping it up to help with my children and no doubt it will all work out if they come with me, or if they stay home. I have quite a few fears with the ride, and cycling into Canberra. The anxiety is back, and sadly has really got me by the chest. I am onto herbs to help, and last night they calmed the beast for a good night sleep. I know they are not realistic fears, as my father would be too old and frail to “get” me when I am in Canberra. However that inner child still fears him. I hope that being brave and doing what I am doing will allow these fears to go forever. Otherwise, I am all good, almost ready, and focused. I couldn’t do it without all the support and the feeling of not being alone. If you want to follow the ride more, and training, jump over to my Be Brave Facebook page.

Be Brave. H



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