being brave to be the bull at the gate

IMG_6794+PINI am at it again. I am like a bull at a gate. I cannot stop until I get through it. I have had my downtime to recoup from the last meeting with Government bodies and now I am ready to tackle the next brick wall.

Upfront I am going to tell you that from having a personal experience with child sexual assault, I see the way to fix it all as easy as black and white. It should be that easy to educate our children. However there are all of these brick walls that stop us from talking frankly with our children. For me personally, I want my children to know what is right and wrong, that there are no good secrets in life to keep, that their bodies are completely their own, that they are allowed to say no in a situation where it makes them feel uncomfortable. The thing is, they need more counselors in schools to take on the words that might come out of children’s mouths after teaching them about child protection on such a level. Hello, easy, get more support in place. This is our children we are talking about! It is their safety and we are protecting them for the fact it will cost more money to have a school counselor on for more days. They are worried about the balloon affect. How many more people it will affect in families. Stop protecting the other people in families and start protecting our children that are the most vulnerable from these monsters.


Yes my mum was pretty crushed when she found out. She wasn’t even married to him anymore. However, she felt responsible for not knowing what he was doing, for packing my bag each weekend to be abused. (Her words, the way she phrased it). She wish she knew much earlier what was going on. She was an adult at the time, and she handled it all very well. She turned out alright after the fact, and didn’t stop supporting me until the day she passed away. My sister was also crushed. However she stood right beside me in court against her blood related father. That in itself tells you, she is going to be ok, and is ok. I lost friends. At the time I cared a lot about losing them. I cared that they couldn’t handle knowing what had happened to me. I also made new friends, and other friends really stepped it up. I am pretty sure they are all still doing quite well in their lives. That balloon I blew up, spread pretty far in my life. And, all the people that it has touched are ok.

I am ok.

For a while there I wasn’t ok, and I have stood up and received the help I deserve to receive. I have been lucky enough to do it all naturally and by just sharing my voice. I wish I did better at school in public speaking, because I don’t think I would ever shut up if I was given the tools and the audience to speak to!

The balloon is still spreading. I am still blowing it up. Not for me now, but for others that are being abused.

Today I pushed my bull through the gate to the Premier’s office. I am on a mission to get more done; again. Once I hear if he is going to help, I will let you know what I am up to. (If he doesn’t help, I will surely try to do it off my own back). It will give my ride in September meaning for others, not just for me. Hopefully my crazy feat to ride way too far for this runner, will be enough to help a lot of people across the State and Australia.

Be Brave, H


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