be brave, and look up

It is so nice to meet someone, that you may never see ever again. You are both doing the one thing you love and you by chance meet at a time that may just impact each others lives. This morning I met Pete. He is a 53 year old runner, his wife was also out running, but not with him. Apparently they run different paces. I didn’t ask who was the fastest, although Pete did tell me, I was a stronger pace than him, but he was holding on.


Little did he know I was quietly hoping that he would run up what is known as snake hill with me and was hoping he would want the same. We did. I needed it to have someone help me up the hill. Maybe he did too. {His wife had beaten breast cancer twice and leukemia. Amazing story of hope and love. What an awesome woman}. I know I am fit enough, strong enough inside, but sometimes you just need help in life. I hate asking for it, but I am learning how to be vulnerable to it, and understanding that it doesn’t make a person weak, it actually makes you stronger. We ran together for another 5km, and then I went back to my own world as he did his.

I love that he had changed the world 12 times over, was the Prime Minister, and was running the government. I had done nothing but fear the what ifs from the moment I ran out the door. When Pete took the what if I couldn’t get up snake hill away from me, I knew there were some things I could control and other things that others will control and I just had to go with that. Tomorrow I will lace up those runners and run to recover a big weekend of running. I will run out that door knowing that you can only do what you can do, just be the best person you can be; be yourself.

We can’t control everything. Although if you have the will to live, change things and your heart is in it, then I do believe you can achieve a lot more than you probably think you can. I had a vision when I was just fresh out of high school. I never lost that in my heart, and today, it is all coming true.

Maybe tomorrow morning I can try my run being…….

Be Brave. H


One great lesson I learned from this run was to always look up, smile, and say good morning. I greeted Pete, and I don’t think I changed his life today in anyway. I just listened to him. I needed to just be in that space. And he changed mine enough. I hope one day I run with his wife. I will just look out for the woman in the shirt that says, ‘get a bloody mammogram.’



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